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Fabrics are a cornerstone of interior design. The right selection can set the tone and help the room “read” the way the designer has intended. In today’s world of interior design, it’s much more than just getting your decor right. Fire safety now comes in many different forms, and the fabric you choose is no different.

In recent years, fire prevention has received increased attention. As a result, the Flame Retardant or Flame Resistant properties of fabric have become an integral part of the design decision-making process. This is where the services of En Garde Flameproofing can provide peace of mind and the best value for quality professional fire protection.

The right fabric selections are essential for a good timeless design. A special budget breaking accent fabric on the right chair, specialty piece or window treatment is a designer secret anyone can experience. Believe it or not, design decisions can influence our safety. Today, interior designers are starting to realize just how important it is.

There are many ways available to make fabric flame resistant. At En Garde Flameproofing, we are proudly committed to serving the interior design community. With over 30 years of professional industry experience and come highly recommended by Fire Marshals, we offer by-the-bolt fire retardant fabric treatment on both new and existing draperies, curtains and fabrics.

Thinking about fire hazards and how to reduce them is an important factor in fabric selection. Because of this, flame-retardant furnishing fabrics for residential and commercial projects are now becoming interior design inspiration. These fabrics provide people with as much time as possible to get out of the building in the event of a fire.

Interior designers need peace of mind and the best value for professional fire protection. With every piece of fabric handled with integrity, En Garde Flameproofing is your trusted source for professional, safe, non-toxic fabric applications, flameproofing, and stain treatment. Contact us today to receive your free consultation on shipping your bolts to us for superior flame retardant coating.

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