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Since 1985, spray fireproofing contractors, En Garde have been committed to serving the interior design community as well as commercial establishments, such as churches, theaters, and restaurants, in the greater Boston area, the South Shore, Cape Cod, South Coast and the rest of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire. Our fabric fireproofing service is available on-site or in our location.

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When it comes to fire retardant fabric coating and treatment, it’s important to enlist spray fireproofing contractors who will never compromise on either safety or quality. With every piece of fabric handled in-house or on site with integrity, En Garde Flameproofing is your trusted source for professional, safe, non-toxic fabric applications, flameproofing, and stain treatment.

In the event of fire, flame resistant or fire retardant fabric will reinforce and maintain the structure for a limited period which allows you to buy time for evacuation and emergency response to arrive. This is where the services of En Garde Flameproofing can provide peace of mind and the best value for quality professional fire protection.

In today’s day in age, fire safety can come in many different forms. Fabric is no different. Under NFPA 701, drapery fabric is tested by burning a sample and measuring the flame, char length and flaming residue. If a fabric meets the standards in these three areas, the fabric is considered flame retardant.

With over 30 years of professional industry experience and come highly recommended by Fire Marshals, En Garde Flameproofing has been successfully treating and certifying fabrics for commercial and residential uses. Areas of service in Massachusetts include the greater Boston area, the South Shore, Cape Cod, South Coast, as well as Rhode Island, Vermont, and New Hampshire.

Though fire retardant fabrics aren’t a new concept, there are many ways to make fabric flame resistant. Vastly superior compared to competitor products, En Garde’s Fibergarde is the stain fabric and fire protection product that put En Garde on the map. This product offers both the quality and care that compliments our fabric fireproofing service.

At En Garde Flameproofing, our experienced and trained spray fireproofing contractors perform the highest quality of work and provide services to public halls, theaters, homes, hotels, department stores, restaurants, nightclubs and educational institutions. Contact us today to receive your free consultation and let us help you select the application that best fits your budget and coding requirements.

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